Perry McCarthy: The Original Stig

Perry McCarthy: The Original Stig


In this video, ex-Formula One Driver, Perry McCarthyexplains the extreme physics it takes to pilot a car of such stature. He shows his transition from racer to author to sports commentator, all without missing a beat.

Would you be able to identify “The Stig” if he were standing right next to you at a pub? Most couldn’t! Being called the “mouthiest driver in motor racing”, The Stig is a worldwide phenomenon when it comes to Formula One racing. Throughout his illustrious career, the man behind the helmet has gone to publish best-sellers as well as become a regular TV personality and television host. This legend is none other than Perry McCarthy, revealed in this vintage montage of his greatest races, wrecks, and quips on the talk show circuit.

Having been the masked driver on the BBC’s Top Gear for the original two seasons, audiences were captivated about his true identity. Also, a writer of a memoir entitled Flat Out, Flat Broke, McCarthy reveals truisms about the life of a Formula One racer and what it takes to succeed. McCarthy now entertains and inspires audiences around the globe about what it is like to travel faster than most could ever imagine.

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Ex-Formula One Driver and the Original "Stig" on BBC's Top Gear

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Perry McCarthy is quite simply unique. He is an ex Formula One driver, he is a bestselling author and he was the original secret racing driver from BBC Top Gear 'The Stig'. Perry combines his famous sense of humor and his experiences of rising to the top against the odds to entertain audiences worldwide with hilarious after dinner speeches or captivating business and motivational addresses.