POLITICO’s Mike Allen: Must-Watch Political Rundown

POLITICO’s Mike Allen: Must-Watch Political Rundown


Mike Allen offers audiences a nonpartisan, insider’s guide to politics. He is a “founding father” of POLITICO, one of Washington’s most influential publications, and the driving force behind its daily email tip-sheet Playbook, which is read by everyone in and around the Beltway, including the president. Vanity Fair said, “Reading [Mike Allen’s] Playbook is as close as you can come on a Washington morning to knowing everything.” His speeches are no different, and on stage he “says what we can’t say on TV.”

Co-Founder & Exec Editor of Axios, Frmr POLITICO Chief WH Correspondent

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Mike Allen is one of Washington’s most influential and well-connected journalists. He is the co-founder and executive editor of Axios, a new company delivering news and insights on politics, business, media, and tech. The company, whose name means “worthy” in Greek, specializes in high-quality news and analysis easily shared among the country’s influential readers and across social platforms. In addition to starting Axios, Allen was a co-founder at POLITICO, the digital media company that upended and revolutionized political and policy journalism in Washington, New York, and Europe.