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Power of Challenging Your Assumptions


Cohen explains how assumptions are a natural step in your decision-making process. They are neither good nor bad. It's what you do with them that make a difference.
Brand Identity Expert, Founder of Andy Cohen Worldwide, Entrepreneur, and...
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Andy Cohen, Founder of Andy Cohen Worldwide, helps organizations, teams and individuals leverage the power of their assumptions in order to overcome the barriers to their success. As an entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and best-seller author, Andy focuses his energies on helping companies from Shanghai, to Sao Paolo, to New York and New Delhi to explore new approaches to leading, innovating and marketing. His best-selling book, Follow the Other Hand, is a New York Times notable book. It has been translated in multiple languages, most recently into Italian by Rizzoli (2012). He is currently finishing up his latest book, The Power of the Assumption, which is due out in 2014.
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