Rayid Ghani on Big Data and Its Impact on Presidential Elections

Rayid Ghani on Big Data and Its Impact on Presidential Elections


Who could have imagined that Big Data could transform the face of elections before November 2012? The combined success of statistical models from Nate Silver, TPM PollTracker, HuffPost Pollster, RealClearPolitics Average, and the Princeton Election Consortium all make traditional "horse race journalism" that uses insider information from the campaign trail to explain what's really going on look a bit, well, antiquated. With the rise of political data science, the Guardian even went so far as to say that big data may sound the death knell for punditry. The 2012 US elections also provided a glimpse of how effectively the Democratic political party staff used voter contact data combined with social media analytics to fine-tune its campaign messaging, created simulation models and mined data to decide precisely when and on which media channel to place their advertisements to maximize the campaign donations and effectively influenced the outcome of the elections in their favor. Come hear from the Chief Data Scientist of Obama campaign the insider scoop on how it was all done and how Big Data wins elections! Moderator: Vin Sharma - Product Strategy and Marketing Manager, Intel Speaker: Rayid Ghani - Chief Scientist, Obama for America For more info, check out Follow the action on Twitter #TiEcon! TiE - The Indus Entrepreneurs: Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally

Chief Scientist, Obama for America

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Co-Founder, Edgeflip Computation Institute & Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago Rayid Ghani, the chief scientist at Obama for America, played a groundbreaking role in the 2012 campaign. Focusing on analytics, technology, and data, he used tools to motivate people’s offline actions. Data-driven insights were used to galvanize the campaign and predict voters’ views. Before that, Ghani worked at Accenture Technology Labs for 10 years as a research scientist and the director of analytics research. One of the leading experts in this field, he addresses how data, analytics, and communications advances can be used to influence and change consumer behavior.