Rob Jolles: What Its Takes to be a Great Speaker


Rob Jolles, persuasion and selling expert, talks about what it takes to be a fantastic speaker. With many talks under his belt, Jolles is a professional at what it takes. He dives into three common mistakes or pitfalls of presenting.

Jolles discusses the amount of material in a presentation. He examines the common mistake of having too much which overwhelms the audience. Too much is just too much. If you overwhelm the audience with information, then they will become disengaged. 

Then Jolles takes us back to 11th grade when our teachers ingrained in us "Tell them what you are gonna say. Tell them. Then tell them again." Jolles counters that instead of that antiquated model get the audience engaged by telling them what, how, and why. This builds credibility and doesn't overwhelm.

Finally, Jolles proposes that every presentation is a persuasive argument. But not a full-on sales pitch. It's similar to when your favorite teacher persuaded you to be interested in the material. It is a small investment that the audience will love to discover for themselves.  

Jolles is a great addition to your next sales meeting. For more information about Rob Jolles, visit his speaker page or contact our team via phone at 1-800-SPEAKER, livechat, or email

Sales, Persuasion, and Virtual Communication Expert

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Rob Jolles successfully sold and trained for two of the most respected sales institutions in the country. As the most tenured Sales Trainer in the history of Xerox, he still remains as their Senior Sales Training Consultant, the only trainer Xerox designated with that title. He is also the author of Customer Centered Selling and How to Run Seminars and Workshops.
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