Samantha Radocchia On Tokenization & The Path Towards Liquidity

Samantha Radocchia On Tokenization & The Path Towards Liquidity


A panel discussion on the Tokenization and the Path Towards Liquidity, moderated by Lee Schneider of Genesis Block, and with the following panelists at Fluidity Summit: Emma Channing, Satis Group Vince Molinari, Templum Samantha Radocchia, Chronicled Michael Oved, AirSwap

Blockchain Pioneer & Co-Founder of Chronicled, Inc.

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Samantha Radocchia is the co-founder of Chronicled, which leverages blockchain and IoT technologies to deliver smart supply chain solutions. In 2018, Chronicled was named San Francisco’s Best Tech Company by SF Weekly; previous winners include Twitter and Google. Founded in late 2014, Chronicled has been a pioneer in interfacing physical asset and supply chain workflows with blockchain systems. During 2017, the company launched a project to bring security to supply chains for physical gold bullion and commodities. Named to the 2017 Forbes magazine “30 Under 30” list in the category of Enterprise Technology, Radocchia has an entrepreneurial background that spans several technology companies.