Scott Adams' Keys to Success

Scott Adams' Keys to Success


What would you say if suddenly goals were for losers, passion was overrated, and luck wasn’t so lucky? Flipping the motivational mindset on its head, Scott Adams introduces his revolutionary and cynical view of how success really works. By swapping a lofty goal for a wider system of habits and possible decisions, you open the possibilities that one goal prevented you from even seeing. Instead of passion, use a system of logic and hard work without relying on unsustainable willpower. Do not wait for luck to come to you – put yourself in the amplest situation with the highest probability of striking gold.

Scott Adams recounts the litany of failures in his career and how they have shaped his unique viewpoint of success. He explains a system in which we can use habits and opportunity-based work to avoid being confined to our own will and narrow aspirations. Do not merely shoot for the stars but increase your odds of getting into space at all. There may be something up there you did not even imagine.

The author of the internationally syndicated cartoon, Dilbert, and serial entrepreneur, Scott Adams has influenced the world with his illustrations and humor. His talks are full of his signature brand of comedy and lessons that only someone who has failed 36 times can convey. Debunking myths that billionaires sell us and demystifying pop culture stardom, Scott Adams is a breath of fresh air in a totally unique package.

For even deeper insights into this worldview and how to get there, see more on Scott Adams and his speaker profile here.

World Famous Cartoonist and Author

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Scott Adams is creator of the Dilbert web site, which was the first syndicated comic strip to go online in 1995 and is the most widely read syndicated comic on the Internet. Adams has also authored several novels, including his most recent "How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big," in which he describes a template for success. The character he is famous for, Dilbert, appears in 2,000 newspapers in 70 countries, making it one of the most successful syndicated comic strips in history.