Scott Moore on Building “No-Fail” Teams


Scott Moore, the former deputy commander of Naval Special Warfare – the number two leader in the entire SEAL organization, uses adrenaline-pumping stories from his legendary career to showcase the three critical components of successful teamwork: leadership, trust, and culture. He also highlights how to create an environment where every team member wants to be (and is capable of being) the “No. 1 man.” Audiences walk away from his talk with a clear roadmap for creating leadership that works.

US Navy SEAL Rear Admiral (ret.)

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Rear Admiral Scott Moore is the former deputy commander of Naval Special Warfare. From the mountains of Afghanistan to briefings in the Oval Office, he is the man our nation’s leaders trust when failure is not an option. Whether leading a group of men or interfacing with Pakistani military leaders, he directed more than 2,000 missions and was involved in the marquee moments of our nation’s history. His presentations are a nail-biting, adrenaline-pumping glimpse into what it takes to create and lead high-performing teams.