Scott Pelley On 60 Minutes Interview With Paul Ryan

Scott Pelley On 60 Minutes Interview With Paul Ryan


In this video, former CBS Evening New anchor, Scott Pelley, interviews former House Speaker Paul Ryan on 60 Minutes. In the interview, they talk about how Donald Trump was an unconventional presidential candidate and will be an unconventional president. What Paul Ryan likes about President Trump is that he is a "get things done" kind of guy.

After covering some of the most compelling and important national stories of the last 30 years, 60 Minutes correspondent and former CBS Evening News anchor and managing editor, Scott Pelley is one of the most recognizable faces in American journalism today. In its first season, The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley won a Peabody Award and was the only network evening news broadcast to grow its audience. Taking over for Katie Couric, he gained an additional 821,000 viewers in his first nine months in the anchor chair. Few journalists have made as wide and as deep a mark on broadcast news as Pelley, who is known for covering everything from breaking national news stories to politics and wars. Since he brought that experience to 60 Minutes in 2004, half of all the major awards won by the broadcast have been for stories reported by Pelley.

Award-Winning 60 Minutes Correspondent & Former CBS News Anchor and Managing Editor

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Scott Pelley, an award-winning 60 Minutes correspondent, offers rare insights gained from his more than 300 features on the show, having interviewed world leaders and covered major events – from childhood homelessness to genocide in Darfur. Pelley has received myriad high-profile awards, including 37 Emmys, and The Washington Times wrote, “The legacy of Edward R. Murrow lives in the daring investigations of Scott Pelley.” One of the most recognizable faces in journalism, Scott addresses current events and global issues.