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Steve Boyes: How we're saving one of Earth's last wild places


Navigating territorial hippos and active minefields, TED Fellow Steve Boyes and a team of scientists have been traveling through the Okavango Delta, Africa's largest remaining wetland wilderness, to explore and protect this near-pristine habitat against the rising threat of development.

In this awe-inspiring talk packed with images, he shares his work doing detailed scientific surveys in the hopes of protecting this enormous, fragile wilderness.

Conservationist, National Geographic explorer, and TED speaker Steve Boyes has dedicated his life to preserving Africa’s wilderness areas and the species that depend upon them. In 2015, Boyes launched the National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project (NGOWP) to promote broader protection for the Okavango Delta’s watershed and its wildlife. In December 2018, they signed a 5-year Protocol of Cooperation with the Angolan government, mandating the protection of the Okavango-Zambezi Water Tower. Boyes’ documentary, Into the Okavango, follows his journey to explore the Angolan highlands and is featured on Amazon Prime and iTunes. The Okavango Wilderness Project team also won the 2019 Rolex National Geographic Explorer of the Year award.

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Conservationist and National Geographic Explorer
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Conservation biologist and National Geographic explorer Steve Boyes gives audiences an eye-opening look at the world around us and shares insights on the power of exploration. Through the use of stunning high-quality images and stories, he challenges audiences to view the world with a fresh perspective. He believes that rich biodiversity is the key to maintaining our quality of life and connection to the planet, and he shares the human experience of the wilderness with audiences so that they come to understand why they need to protect areas that they will likely never see firsthand.
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