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Steve Wozniak’s Formative Moment


Steve Wozniak recounts the founding of Apple and the transformative moments of his life that led to the creation of the Apple II computer.

Co-Founder of Apple and Founder, Chairman, & CEO of Wheels of Zeus
  • Local: $75,001 and up*
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  • US West: $75,001 and up*
  • Europe: $75,001 and up*
  • Asia: $75,001 and up*
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Credited with launching the computing revolution, Steve Wozniak gives an extemporaneous and entertaining talk on the ever-changing wired world. While challenging audiences to think creatively and inspire the next generation, he looks at the future of computing and the latest trends in technology.
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InnovationEntrepreneurshipTechnologyAI, Machine Learning, & Big DataRobotics & DronesCEOs
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