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Storyteller Series: Rob O'Neill


Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill’s mantra is “Never quit,” and he gives audiences a look inside his most dangerous missions. He tells the story of standing in line at 7-11 on his way to rescue Captain Phillips from Somali pirates as a frustrating customer inadvertently held up the mission.

Former SEAL Team Six Leader, Naval Special Warfare Development Group, & New...

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Rob O’Neill is one of the most highly-decorated combat veterans of our time. He was a team leader and operator with the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (SEAL Team Six). He has held combat leadership roles in more than 400 missions, but with most of his career shrouded in a classified cloak, O’Neill served his remarkable career in the shadows. Through incredible stories drawn from lessons learned during some of the country’s most headline-stealing conflicts, he shows audiences how to approach strategic planning when mission failure is not an option.
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