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SWAT Team Selling

description "The most leading-edged companies have realized that how their sales team sells and supports their buyers, has today become a major competitive differentiators...and path to increased sales and profitability." These leading-edged companies are shifting their sales teams and selling approach to today's new...and more effective way to sell...what I call "SWAT Team Selling"...selling as a coordinated team instead of just a group of "independent gunfighters." "SWAT Team Selling" can help you and your team increase your competitive advantage and selling success...because of the way you a team with strategic leadership, active tactical account planning, and consistent implementation of your defined "selling best practices."
Expert on Sales and Marketing
  • Local: $10,001 - $20,000*
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  • US West: $10,001 - $20,000*
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As a sales and sales management consultant with almost thirty years of various consumer and industrial sales experience and training, Jim Pancero continually shares his ideas and concepts of advanced selling and sales negotiations, sales management, and strategic positioning and corporate nichemanship.
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