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Technology Forecasting and The Internet of Things


Technology expert Scott Klososky discusses how it is critical for leaders to look forward into the future and anticipate shifts in their industry to stay successful in today's high velocity world. Klososky and his consulting firm Future Point of View develop strategies and provide education to help companies thrive in a digital transformation.

Entrepreneur, Strategist, Visionary, & Founding Partner of Future Point of...

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A former CEO of three successful start-up companies, Scott Klososky is passionate about shaking up the daily grind, rebuilding businesses from the ground-up, and seeking new opportunities. Klososky delivers fresh observations, ideas, and practical steps that organizations can use to restructure teams, create strategies that work, and apply technology in influential ways.
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Customer ExperienceCyber SecurityFuture TrendsMarketingSalesTechnologyAI, Machine Learning, & Big DataRobotics & DronesFintech
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