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TEDx Talk


Jake Harriman tells his story at TEDx BYU. He explains how he served as a Special Operations Platoon Commander in the Marine Corps, and from his experiences, came to believe that the "War on Terror" won't be won on the battlefield alone:the contributing causes of terrorism -- disenfranchisement, lack of education, and extreme poverty -- must also be eradicated.To tackle this problem he launched Nuru.

Founder, Nuru International
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Former Marine Platoon Commander Jake Harriman is the founder and CEO of Nuru International, a U.S.-based social venture that empowers poor individuals in remote, rural areas to end extreme poverty in their communities. Inspired to act by the poverty and tragedy he witnessed during four operational deployments throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, Bronze Star winner Harriman retired from active duty and enrolled at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business before founding Nuru in 2008 and then living in 3rd world countries the last eight years, putting systems and models in place that save innocent families in war torn regions by teaching and building structure for leadership, agriculture, education, and survival.
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