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Michelle Hoskin: The Future You


Michelle Hoskin speaks about having control over your future through passion and the 5R's: rewind, rethink, redesign, recreate, and reignite.
Changing the world one WOWW! at a time!
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Michelle Hoskin is well known for her endless enthusiasm and energy, infectious personality and unique outlook on what she describes as a “magical industry”. Michelle has over 15 years’ experience working with some of the leading and most successful financial services practices, and is internationally recognised as the font of knowledge and the leading expert in identifying best practice standards of operation. She designs innovative solutions proven to eliminate the debilitating challenges faced by financial services professionals every day. World class – As a member of the Professional Speaking Association she regularly presents to financial services professionals all over the globe, inspiring her audiences with the ideas and insights that she shares. Her free time is super special to her and is spent ‘making home’ and enjoying quality fun time with her daughter Ruby Mae.
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