Tim Shipman on his Book, "All About War"

Tim Shipman on his Book, "All About War"


Tim Shipman talking about his book, "All Out War." Remain supporters lament not having an answer on immigration. Why?! There isn't the ability to set domestic policy on immigration (and many other issues) whilst in EU. They still don't have an answer (if we were going to remain). Daily Politics with Gisela Stuart, 24th October 2016.

Political Editor of the Sunday Times

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Tim Shipman has been a national newspaper journalist for sixteen years and has more than a decade of experience reporting on British and American politics and international relations. Currently the Political Editor of the Sunday Times, Tim was previously the Deputy Political Editor of the Daily Mail, Washington Correspondent for the Sunday Telegraph and held several posts, both Political and Foreign, at the Daily and Sunday Express. Tim’s experience is diverse and has seen him coordinate a wide range of news, from the war in Kosovo to Bill Clinton's impeachment, as well as writing extensively on security issues