Tom Koulopoulos on Innovation & Surviving the Future


Tom Koulopoulos, expert on innovation, the cloud, future trends, and technology, talks about not predicting the future but surviving in the future. Our ability to build connections is the bread and butter of any organization no matter the industry. We cannot predict what will be thrown at us but we can rely on the connections made to get us through difficult times.

How do you future-proof yourself and your organization? Innovation! Innovation is not innovation if it doesn't ultimately change behavior. so to understand the future you have to understand the changing behavior and adapt the technology from that point.

Koulopoulos is a leading business and technology advisor who provides changing viewpoints for organizations and problems of all shapes and sizes. Click here to learn more about Thomas Koulopoulos, President and founder of Delphi Group. Are you interested in booking Tom Koulopoulos as your next future trends keynote speaker? Give us a call today at 1-800-SPEAKER. 

Best-Selling Author & Expert On Innovation, The Cloud, Future Trends, & Technology

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Innovation expert passionate about helping business people understand the challenges and opportunities of leading edge technology.