Tom Koulopoulos Keynote on Building the Future


Future trends keynote speaker, Tom Koulopoulos, takes the stage to define visionary for his audience. How do you build the right lens to see the future? 

This is not about predicting the future but surviving. Tom Koulopoulos, innovation expert and President of the Delphi Group, dives deep into the appropriate vision for looking at what is to come. After adjusting his own expectations for the future, Koulopoulos "got it." The lens we all have shapes the way we see. It can smudge and dirty. It is up to us to clean the lens to see the future. 

Imagination, fear, certainty, purpose, perseverance are all great jumping off points to see the future but the most important factor is connection. Connections are the pinnacle of our society. To see our future clearly, Koulopoulos urges audiences to connect with each other and connect ideas. 

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