Yossi Ghinsberg: On Thinking Out of the Box


After a tragic accident, Yossi got separated from his companions in the midst of Amazon rainforest and fought three weeks to survive alone without any food and weapon. In his talk he shares some memories of his struggle for survival and insights that he took away from this life-changing experience. What is the power of life? What can we learn from natural ecosystems?

Based on a true story, this TEDx feels made up since it is so ridiculous. Yossi Ghinsberg was just a traveler whose life was changed forever. Ghinsberg turned this 20 day tragedy into a memoir, Jungle, and a Discovery Channel documentary entitled Escape from the Amazon. Ghinsberg talks to organizations around the world to give them the proper business tools to survive in the wilderness of life.

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Author of "Jungle", a story of survival in the Amazon for 20 days

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His first book ‘Jungle’, based on this incredible adventure, quickly became an international bestseller and subject of a Discovery Channel feature length documentary called ‘Escape from the Amazon’. Yossi now speaks globally the Power to Survive through unrelenting crisis and change, then how to harness vision to begin thriving in the new reality.