Steve Bagshaw Team Headshot

Steve bagshaw

Managing Director - London Office

Steve Bagshaw is Leading Authorities’ first London-based employee, and he is in charge of managing speakers and events for the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. He was initially attracted to the role at LAI as it is a chance to build a business in a growing sector while helping improve the quality of local meetings and events. Bagshaw believes that one great speaker can have a transformative effect – for conferences and individuals alike.

Before joining LAI, he worked as a publishing director where he booked speakers and matched clients’ needs with speaker profiles for the events he oversaw. He has also chaired many conferences in the UK and Middle East and spoken at several others. Steve Bagshaw has a truly international perspective on business and life. He studied the Middle East at the University of Manchester and has lived in the region, and he and his American wife have two children with dual citizenship. Aside from growing the speaking business, Bagshaw’s interests include cricket, football, current affairs, travel, and wine.