Tiffany lewis

Creative Director

Motionography, the art of animating graphics, is a burgeoning field. But Tiffany is helping to write the book on it. Her unmistakable style makes otherwise flat statistics and images burst with excitement and life. We're in a world where a 15-second YouTube ad can seem like an eternity, so she labors to design every second of her videos with visuals that are fun, elegant, and engaging. Tiffany has applied this work ethic throughout her career, with a history of clients from the Discovery Channel to the U.S. Army. A prolific creative, Tiffany is also a documentarian and costume designer. How she makes Hollywood-level costumes from assorted items at thrift stores remains a mystery. Tiffany is normally working behind the scenes, but if you see her, wave hello! (she may or may not have the giant fluffy animal paws when she waves back).