Geopolitical Insights from Top Intelligence Advisor, Arthur Snell

Arthur Snell

Former senior British Diplomat and expert on all things geopolitics, conflict, counterterrorism, and radicalisation, Arthur Snell is a Geopolitical expert with extensive knowledge of intercontinental affairs and diplomacy in The Middle East, Russia, China, and Europe. Having worked as a geopolitical risk and intelligence adviser, as well as a writer and broadcaster, Snell helps companies solve difficult questions, drawing on his global network based in complex and unpredictable jurisdictions. Arthur is the creator and host of Doomsday Watch, a top-20 UK political podcast, and is a regular commentator on UK and international media.

Having held a range of intelligence and diplomatic positions, Snell shares his expertise in geopolitical risk as a consultant for governments, international organisations, and corporations, making him the perfect speaker to grasp an audience’s attention on the topic of business security. A bounty of valuable insight in his field, Snell applies his expertise to educate, compel, and excite his audience when it comes to geopolitics and the world of intelligence.


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