New Book From Top-Selling Speaker Ken Schmidt


Our team is very excited to announce that Ken Schmidt, one of our top-selling keynote speakers and the legendary former director of communications at Harley Davidson Motor Company, will be releasing a new book called, Make Some Noise: The Unconventional Road to Dominance, in hardcover to audiences on November 13th, 2018. The book explains the intricacies of breaking through complex and crowded markets using brand loyalty.

In his new book, Ken documents the journey that he began with Harley Davidson in 1985 as a specialist in corporate positioning, and explains how he was able to engineer one of the most noteworthy rebranding efforts in recent memory. 

Under Schmidt's guidance, Harley Davidson quickly went from a competitor in a crowded field to the most recognizable brand in motor sports. The book outlines the collective guidance in brand positioning that Ken has collected and drawn on for years to help business leaders all over the world. His unique style and revolutionary approach are blended seamlessly with powerful case studies across numerous industries to deliver a must read for business and communication enthusiasts.

Schmidt attributes his amazing success story at Harley to what he calls the “Noise Cube Trilogy.” This trilogy consists of positioning, competitiveness, and reputation. With these three tools properly applied, any business regardless of size or industry can cut through the noise and rise above their competitors. His story is a lesson in the power of developing a loyal and dedicated following by examining how customers value your brand. If they don’t value your brand the way you want them to, how do you ultimately get them to? Asking the tough questions from within and thinking outside of the box can be the driving force for any ascension.

Renowned for his expertise in rebranding and repositioning companies and organizations, Ken Schmidt delivers incredible insight and vision as a keynote speaker. He has traveled the world consulting, speaking, telling his story, and most importantly, riding. He prides himself on unconventional thinking, the power of persistence, and using his incredible story to help fuel the next generation of leaders.


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