Polar Adventurer on Her Groundbreaking Solo Journey Across Antarctica

Preet Chandi

With 48 days’ worth of food and fuel, polar adventurer Preet Chandi set out for her most demanding challenge yet. Forty days and 700 miles later, she became the first woman of colour to complete a solo expedition across Antarctica to the South Pole.

Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Incredible Goals

Chandi is a great fit if you’re looking for someone who can share captivating stories of pushing past mental and physical boundaries to achieve incredible goals.

She has been described as “a trailblazer, and the most determined, tenacious, and motivated woman," and draws from her thrilling solo trek across Antarctica to illustrate how everyone is capable of stepping out of their comfort zones to smash the glass ceiling into a million pieces and create their own definitions of “normal” on the journey to success. 

Chandi excellent at inspiring people to reframe “if” into “when” and her insights on the importance of representation in all aspects of life are valuable to any group.


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