Speakers on Post-Pandemic Realities

Speakers on Post-Pandemic Realities

As we move forward in 2021, many people are looking discuss the post-pandemic environment and what this means for their organizations – addressing the ways business and life will be impacted by the past year’s events, and how to succeed in this new normal.

Here is a great list of speakers who offer a captivating, forward-looking discussion on the opportunities and challenges for life after the pandemic, along with strategies to stay ahead of and thrive in the disruption.

Greg Williams

Editor-in-Chief, WIRED Magazine, who shares insights and best practices to enable organizations to emerge from this challenging period with new ways of working, thinking, and managing teams and culture that will offer a strategic advantage long after the pandemic.

Dex Hunter-Torricke

Former Head of Communications at SpaceX, Executive Communications Manager at Facebook, & Executive at Google, who opens the audience’s eyes to the human-centric micro-changes that occurred during the pandemic and their impact as we enter the global, post-Covid age. He highlights the shift in team dynamics and how organisations should rethink everything about how they organise, hire, and develop talent in the modern workplace. 

Poppy Crum

Neuroscientist, Technologist, Stanford Adjunct Professor & Dolby Laboratories Chief Scientist, who shares how empathetic technologies such as ubiquitous sensing can be applied to enhance human performance and the workplace, and how tech will impact spaces, homes, and communication in a virtual work environment. 

Bruce Schneier

Security Technologist & Guru, who draws on his experiences in digital security to captivate audiences with his know-how of the ways in which our networked world has been transformed in the Covid-19 era. Schneier explains the opportunities and challenges as we get situated in a highly connect world where the workforce and everyday services are more digitally focused than ever.

William Higham

Consumer Strategist, Futurist, & Founder of the Next Big Thing, drawing from his experiences as a global authority on innovation and strategy, he arms his audiences with practical ways to optimise their organisations for success in the present post-pandemic landscape. 

Philippe Legrain

Writer, Thinker, Political Economist, who was among the first to correctly predict a global Covid-19 recession and goes beyond the headlines to share key insights about the economic outlook coming out of the pandemic, as well as the policies and politics that will shape businesses and markets.

Ade McCormack

Digital Strategist & Near Futurist, who draws from his ‘bits to boardroom’ understanding of how the world is changing to discuss leadership in the new, digital-age workplace and the evolving nature of talent, culture, and the workplace in the post-pandemic landscape. 

Nichol Bradford

Futurist and Transformative Tech Pioneer, Founder, & Executive, who shares how an increased focus on wellness and wellbeing tech will be one of the post-COVID era’s most prominent changes, helping groups dig into the meaning of human wellness, understand the technology, and how we can innovate and adapt in this new era of wellbeing.

Mitch Joel

Tech & Innovation Expert and Best-Selling Author, who explores the fundamental shift in customer behavior to fully-digitized, online interactions, and prepares groups to rethink our commonly held beliefs, build successful businesses, and disrupt industries in this world where everything has been compressed so dramatically.

Mike Steep

Executive Director, Stanford Engineering Centre for Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities, who takes a decidedly optimistic view of how lives will change after the pandemic, from work/life balance and education of our children to new opportunities to grow our companies, and draws on his extensive network of experts at Stanford to dive into how your specific industry will be impacted.

Jim Donald

Albertson’s Chairman and Former CEO of Starbucks & Extended Stay Hotels, who uses the power of storytelling from his distinguished career of leading in uncertain environments to share strategies and leadership lessons-learned for organizations at every level to navigate and thrive in the unprecedented new normal.

Marci Rossell

Expert Economic Forecaster, Former Chief Economist for CNBC and Co-Host of Squawk Box, who outlines how increased COVID-19 vaccine rollout and a new White House, among other factors, will burst the global economy into a new era, unveiling what she calls a Fireworks Recovery of explosive growth and a rapid return to normalcy.

Farhad Manjoo

State of the Art Columnist, New York Times, who explains how, in recovering from this pandemic, we can build a more robust, remote society, and more resilient corporations, that can withstand future unknown dangers and disruptions around the corner.

Sheryl Connelly

Manager of Global Trends & Futuring at Ford Motor Company, who reveals the secrets for how to think like a futurist, providing strategies to revolutionize your business and remain relevant by effectively anticipating change, sparking innovation, and taking advantage of what’s next.

This is just a small sampling of the fascinating future trends speakers we work with. For more information on these speakers, or if you're interested in learning more about speakers on the future of work, click here.

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