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Whether you're looking to become a better leader, improve your productivity, or simply find inspiration and motivation, many of our speakers are best-selling authors who share a wealth of knowledge and experience in their bestselling books.  

From barrier breakers to business leaders to political leaders and global innovators, these speakers are trusted experts in their fields, and offer unique insights across various topics areas, as well as practical strategies for success.

Below we'll delve into some of our most popular speakers who are also bestselling authors, exploring their books, their personal storeys, and the wisdom they share with audiences around the world.

LAI Best-Selling Authors:

  • Colin Coggins & Garrett BrownThe Unsold Mindset: Redefining What it Means to Sell
  • Jim VandeHei & Mike AllenSmart Brevity: The Power of Saying More with Less
  • Amy Webb The Genesis Machine: Our Quest to Rewrite Life in the Age of Synthetic Biology
  • Hakeem Oluseyi A Quantum Life: My Unlikely Journey from the Streets to the Stars
  • Scott Mann Operation Pineapple Express: The Incredible Storey of a Group of Americans Who Undertook One Last Mission and Honoured a Promise in Afghanistan
  • Reggie Fils-Aime Disrupting the Game: From the Bronx to the Top of Nintendo
  • Dakota Meyer The Way Forward: Master Life's Toughest Battles and Create Your Lasting Legacy
  • Melissa Swift –  Work Here Now Think Like a Human and Build a Powerhouse Workplace
  • Colin Bryar & Bill Carr Working Backwards: Insights, Storeys, and Secrets from Inside Amazon
  • April Ryan Black Women Will Save the World: An Anthem
  • Lisa JasterDelete the Adjective: A Soldier's Adventures in Ranger School
  • Deepa PurushothamanThe First, the Few, the Only: How Women of Colour Can Redefine Power in Corporate America
  • Carice AndersonIntelligence Isn't Enough: A Black Professional’s Guide to Thriving in the Workplace
  • James D. WhiteAntiracist Leadership: How to Transform Corporate Culture in a Race-Conscious World
  • John VolanthenThirteen Lessons That Saved Thirteen Lives: The Thai Cave Rescue
  • Kate Darling The New Breed: The New Breed: What Our History with Animals Reveals About Our Future with Robots
  • Jake TapperThe Devil May Dance
  • Kath Koschel Kindness: What Surviving on the Kindness of Strangers Taught Me About Perspective, Connection, and Happiness
  • Shellye Archambeau Unapologetically Ambitious: Take Risks, Break Barriers, and Create Success on Your Own Terms
  • Evy PoumpourasBecoming Bulletproof: Protect Yourself, Read People, Influence Situations, and Live Fearlessly
  • Jenny RadcliffePeople Hacker: Confessions of a Burglar for Hire

Keep reading to learn more about these bestselling books from LAI speakers, read rave reviews, and see our speakers in action on stage and in the media.

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•	Colin Coggins & Garrett Brown  – The Unsold Mindset: Redefining What it Means to Sell Book Cover


Collin Coggins and Garrett Brown, Leadership & Sales Mindset Advisors, Popular USC Professors of Entrepreneurship

Colin Coggins and Garrett Brown's book, The Unsold Mindset: Redefining What it Means to Sell, offers a fresh perspective on the art of selling by shifting the focus from selling a product to solving a problem.

Throughout the book, Coggins and Brown emphasise the importance of building long-term relationships with customers and taking a consultative approach to sales. Daniel Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author says the book is, “An extremely useful guide. It will hone your powers of persuasion and connection. And it will help you become a better salesperson by becoming a better version of yourself."

Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen's Book: Smart Brevity

Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen, Co-Founders of Axios; Former CEO and POLITICO Chief White House Correspondent

In Smart Brevity: The Power of Saying More with Less, Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen offer insights into the world of journalism and how newsrooms are adapting to the changing media landscape. The authors emphasise the importance of delivering information in a concise, impactful manner while maintaining accuracy and integrity in reporting. Cheque out this video where VandeHei and Allen join MSNBC to speak on the power of their book.

Amy Webb's Book: The Genesis Machine: Our Quest to Rewrite Life in the Age of Synthetic Biology

Amy Webb, World-Renowned Futurist; Founder & CEO of the Future Today Institute and Professor, Strategic Foresight at New York University Stern School of Business

In The Genesis Machine: Our Quest to Rewrite Life in the Age of Synthetic Biology, Amy Webb explores the potential of synthetic biology to revolutionise our world and fundamentally alter the human experience. The book delves into the ethical and moral implications of synthetic biology, while also providing a glimpse into the cutting-edge research and innovation happening in this field. The New Yorker calls it, “A road map for navigating synthetic biology’s opportunities and perils.”

Hakeem Oluseyi's Book A Quantum Life

Hakeem Oluseyi, Astrophysicist, Former Space Science Education Lead for NASA

Named one of the best books of the year by Kirkus Reviews, In A Quantum Life: My Unlikely Journey from the Streets to the Stars, Hakeem Oluseyi shares his inspiring storey of overcoming poverty, homelessness, and personal struggles to become an astrophysicist and space scientist. The book is a compelling memoir that highlights the power of resilience and perseverance, and the importance of education and mentorship in achieving success. Bill Nye the Science Guy had this to say about the book: “You’ll encounter one extraordinary turn of events after another, as the extraordinary chess player, puzzle solver, and occasional grifter works his way from grinding poverty and deep despair to worldwide acclaim as a physicist.”

Scott Mann Book: Operation Pineapple Express: The Incredible Story of a Group of Americans Who Undertook One Last Mission and Honored a Promise in Afghanistan

Scott Mann, U.S. Army Green Beret (Ret.), Pineapple Express Mission Leader, Rooftop Leadership Expert

Operation Pineapple Express: The Incredible Storey of a Group of Americans Who Undertook One Last Mission and Honoured a Promise in Afghanistan is a gripping account of a team of Special Forces soldiers who, after leaving Afghanistan, return to save a comrade and his family from the Taliban. The book highlights the human cost of war and the bonds of brotherhood that are forged in combat.

Cheque out Scott Mann on The Shawn Ryan Show, where he discusses his book in greater detail.

Disrupting the Game: From the Bronx to the Top of Nintendo Book Cover


Reggie Fils- Aimé, Former President and COO of Nintendo of America Inc.

Wall Street Journal bestseller, Disrupting the Game: From the Bronx to the Top of Nintendo, is Reggie Fils-Aimé's memoir that recounts his journey from a humble background in the Bronx to becoming one of the most prominent executives in the video game industry. The book offers insights into leadership, innovation, and the importance of diversity and inclusion in corporate culture.

Geoff Keighley, Creator and CEO of The Game Awards, says the book is a, "Powerful, universal insight into leadership and life from one of the video game industry's most important champions. Reggie's book delivers real lessons to anyone looking to grow a business, or a career."

Dakota Meyer and Rob O'Neill's New Book The Way Forward

Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honour Recipient

The Way Forward by Dakota Meyer is a memoir that details his life experiences and the lessons he learnt from them, including his time serving in the Marine Corps, his struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and his path to healing and personal growth. The book offers practical advice on overcoming adversity and creating a lasting legacy.

Work Here Now by Melissa Swift - Book Cover

Melissa Swift, U.S. Transformation Leader at Mercer and Future of Work Expert

In Work Here Now, Melissa Swift explores the power of human-centred design in creating a more engaging and productive workplace. The book offers practical strategies and tools for leaders and managers to build a culture of innovation, collaboration, and empathy in their organisations. CEO and president of Mercer, Martine Ferland, says the book is, “A practical toolkit for how to transform the everyday colleague experience ― and soar to new business heights in the process.”

Colin Bryar's and Bill Carr's Book Working Backwards

Colin Bryar and Bill Carr, Former Amazon Executives, and Co-Founders of Working Backwards, LLC

Working Backwards provides a unique inside look at the culture and practises from inside Amazon, and offers practical guidance on how to implement their successful strategies in any business. Through personal storeys, insights, and secrets from Amazon insiders, the authors share lessons learnt from their time leading at Amazon during a period of unprecedented evolution and growth.

Cheque out this New York Times feature article on the book.

Black Women Will Save the World

April Ryan, Longest-Serving African American Female White House Correspondent in History, White House Correspondent for TheGrio, and CNN Political Analyst

In Black Women Will Save the World, April Ryan brings to light the powerful contributions of Black women to American society and politics, drawing from her own experiences as a White House correspondent and highlighting the crucial role that Black women have played in shaping history. Through interviews and analysis, Ryan offers a compelling argument for why Black women are uniquely positioned to lead the way in creating positive change.

Cheque out April Ryan in a CBS interview, during which she discussed why “Black Women Will Save the World.

Delete the Adjective: A Soldier's Adventures in Ranger School Book Cover


Lisa Jaster, Army Ranger School Graduate, Leadership and Peak Performance Expert

Lisa Jaster's book, Delete the Adjective: A Soldier's Adventures in Ranger School, is a memoir about her experiences as one of the first women to complete the gruelling U.S. Army Ranger School, offering insights on leadership, perseverance, and breaking through gender barriers. The Honourable Patrick J. Murphy, Iraq Vet and 32nd Under Secretary of the Army, shares that the book is, “A must-read book for every leader who wants to live and learn lessons from one of the world's toughest leadership courses — the U.S. Army Ranger School. Ranger Lisa Jaster is one of our post-9/11 generation's most authentic, gritty, and historic voices."

Deepa Purushothaman Book Cover: The First, the Few, the Only: How Women of Color Can Redefine Power in Corporate America

Deepa Purushothaman, Transcendent Leader; First-Ever Indian American Woman Partner at Deloitte

The First, the Few, the Only by Deepa Purushothaman is a guidebook that provides strategies for women of colour to navigate the obstacles and biases that they face in corporate America. The book draws from the Purushothaman’s personal experiences and offers practical advice on how to redefine power and lead with purpose. The Financial Times calls it “A rare book that can simultaneously make professionals of colour feel seen and give their colleagues a comprehensive education.”

Intelligence Isn't Enough: A Black Professional’s Guide to Thriving in the Workplace  Book Cover


Carice Anderson, Impact and Success Engineer; Workplace Development Advisor; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Expert

Offering practical advice and insights for overcoming systemic challenges and achieving success, "Intelligence Isn't Enough" by Carice Anderson is a guide for Black professionals to navigate and thrive in workplaces that traditionally haven’t been supported their success and advancement.

Cheque out this GIBS Business School interview with Anderson on the book here.

James D. White Book Anti-Racist Leadership: How to Transform Corporate Culture in a Race-Conscious World

James D. White, Transformational Leader and Former Chairperson, President, & CEO of Jamba Juice

James D. White's book Antiracist Leadership provides insights and guidance on how to create a race-conscious workplace culture and become an effective antiracist leader. The book offers practical tools and strategies for addressing systemic racism and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in organisations. Jessica Alba, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, the Honest Company, called the book, “An invaluable resource.”

John Volanthen Book: Thirteen Lessons that Saved Thirteen Lives: The Thai Cave Rescue Hardcover

John Volanthen, World Record-Holding British Cave Diver Who Played a Key Role In The 2018 Tham Luang Thailand Cave Rescue

"Thirteen Lessons That Saved Thirteen Lives" by John Volanthen is a firsthand account of the heroic and complicated rescue of twelve boys and their soccer coach from a flooded cave in Thailand. The book provides a gripping narrative of the events, and the lessons learnt from this extraordinary rescue mission.

In 2022, the book was made into a movie that was released in theatres, and is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Kate Darling – The New Breed: The New Breed: What Our History with Animals Reveals About Our Future with Robots Book Cover


Kate Darling, Leading Expert in Social Robotics and MIT Media Lab Research Scientist

A New Scientist best book of 2021, The New Breed by Kate Darling explores our relationship with animals and how it can inform our future with robots. The book challenges readers to consider the ethical and moral implications of AI and robotics in society. Irene M. Pepperberg, PhD, Associate Professor at Harvard and author of the New York Times bestseller Alex & Me said the book is, “Well-researched, well-developed, and well-written. Darling’s innovative proposal ― to use our history of human-animal interactions as a blueprint for the future of human-robot interactions ― is a must-read for anyone interested in the emerging ethics of robotics.”

Jake Tapper – The Devil May Dance Book Cover


Jake Tapper, Award Winning Journalist; Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent, CNN

The Devil May Dance by Jake Tapper is a political thriller set in the 1960s in which a journalist and his wife are caught up in a web of conspiracy involving the Kennedys, organised crime, and the CIA. The novel explores the darker side of politics and power in America during a turbulent time in history. Publishers Weekly says the book is “An excellent sequel to 2018’s The Hellfire Club, and is a ‘cocktail of corruption and ambition.’”

Kindness Book Cover


Kath Koschel, Founder, Kindness Factory; Resilience Expert

Kindness by Kath Koschel is a memoir that explores the ways in which surviving on the kindness of strangers taught her about perspective, connection, and happiness, and how she turned that into a global kindness movement. It's a heartwarming storey of resilience, gratitude, and the transformative power of kindness.

Cheque out this Canberra Times article for more detail on the inspirations behind her book here.

Unapologetically Ambitious

Shellye Archambeau, Former Chief Executive Officer, MetricStream

Named a “Best Business Book of the Year” by Fortune and Bloomberg, Unapologetically Ambitious by Shellye Archambeau is a memoir and career guide for women and people of colour, sharing the author's experiences and insights on breaking through barriers and achieving success on your own terms. The book is filled with practical advice, personal anecdotes, and inspiration for those looking to navigate corporate America and make their mark. John Thompson, chairman of Microsoft, says the book, “underscores the importance these elements can play in your career and showcases brilliant strategies and approaches through her own career pursuits.”

Evy Poumpouras – Becoming Bulletproof: Protect Yourself, Read People, Influence Situations, and Live Fearlessly Book Cover


Evy Poumpouras, Former Secret Service Special Agent and Interrogator, Co-Host of Bravo TV’s “Spy Games”

Through her experiences as a Secret Service agent, Poumpouras shares practical advice on how to cultivate resilience, hone intuition, and make sound decisions under pressure.

Her book, Becoming Bulletproof is a guide to developing the mental toughness needed to handle any situation. Publishers Weekly says, “Poumpouras’s wise direction and actionable lessons will be relevant to audiences of all ages. Those looking for a shot of confidence will love this.”

Jenny Radcliffe – People Hacker: Confessions of a Burglar for Hire Book Cover


Jenny Radcliffe, People Hacker and Social Engineer

In People Hacker, Jenny Radcliffe reveals the secrets of social engineering and how to protect yourself against manipulation by unethical hackers and other enemies in the cybersphere. With real-life examples and practical advice, Radcliffe offers a fascinating look at the power of social engineering and how it can be both used and countered.

Cheque out Radcliffe sharing her perspective on social engineering on the “Tech Done Different” podcast.





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