Thai Cave Rescuer with Hollywood Film

John Volanthen LAI Exclusive

World record-breaking cave diver John Volanthen’s voice was the first one that the youth soccer team trapped in Thailand’s Tham Luang cave heard as the mission to rescue them reached a critical turning point.

Now exclusively represented by Leading Authorities, Volanthen takes audiences on an unforgettable journey deep into Tham Luang for a hair-raising retelling of the successful efforts to rescue the team from a perilous situation. This incredible story has been shared in BBC and elsewhere, and the courageous mission is profiled in the National Geographic documentary The Rescue, as well as his book, Thirteen Lessons That Saved 13 Lives. The Hollywood film, Thirteen Lives, starring Colin Farrell as Volanthen chronicles the daring rescue mission and was released in theatres and on Prime Video in 2022. 

Lessons for Managing Risk and Keeping Calm in a Crisis

Volanthen draws from the Thai cave rescue mission, as well as decades of cave exploration, diving, and rescue work all over the world, to share lessons that are key to performing in highly complex, high-pressure situations. His gripping multimedia presentation follows the process the divers took to search for, find, and help guide the boys and their coach to safety in a dangerous rescue mission that everyone believed would end in tragedy. He instills the belief that anyone can learn to lead with calm, focus, and certainty in any situation and his message that preparation and determination, not luck, is key to success is one that will resonate with any audience. 


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