Why Technology May Trump Trump

Professional headshot of Vivek Wadhwa

If you have been glued to the news the past week like my team has been, we are sure you have questions about what a Trump Presidency will look like in practice, especially as it relates to the economy and jobs.

I wanted to send along futurist and Carnegie Mellon professor Vivek Wadhwa’s latest piece for the Washington PostWhy technology may prevent Trump from delivering on his jobs promise. It looks at the advancement of AI technology and the development of robots, and argues that some of Trump’s policies may actually be curtailed by technology. It’s a really interesting read for anyone interested in the future of jobs or AI.

Vivek is an emerging technologies expert who has been called “Silicon Valley’s Most Provocative Voice.” In addition to being a Washington Post contributor, he has ties to Singularity University, Stanford, and Duke. He’s known for his entertaining and at times challenging speaking style—a client recently said that he made their group think of the “potential ways their business will change, grow, and expand in the next 5, 10, and 15 years.”

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