New Book: Kate Darling & the Link Between Animals and Robots

Kate Darling's Book The New Breed

Kate Darling is a leading expert in social robotics and is known for her extraordinary research in the field of robot ethics. Despite many being weary of AI and believing that robots are here to replace us, Darling takes a different stance.

Animal-Robot Connection

Her new book, The New Breed: What Our History with Animals Reveals about Our Future with Robots, looks at our history with animals and how we’ve cultivated relationships with them in order to enhance and supplement our work. Kate believes that robots should be treated in the same way that animals are – with care and respect, and this is ultimately good for humanity. By breeding a respectful relationship with robots early on, and thinking of them as animals, these thinking machines can make our lives easier while also bringing us joy and comfort while taking on everyday tasks.

Expert on Social Robotics & Robot Ethics

Called one of the “biggest names in science,” Darling is known for her charming personality and interactive talks on the future of human-robot interaction and ethics – able to take complex ideas and make them conversational and even fun. Providing deeply original analysis of our technological future and the ethical dilemmas that await us, Darling sparks engaging discussions on how the treatment of machines can reveal a new understanding of our own history, our own systems, and how we relate―not just to non-humans, but also to each other.

Check out this fun interview where Kate looks at robots and how they’ve been portrayed over the years in movies and shows.


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