New Book: Medal of Honor Recipient on Mastering Life’s Toughest Battles


Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer's story is one of determination and surviving and thriving in combat and in life on the path to adopting a forward-looking mindset and finding purpose. His new book, The Way Forward, goes beyond the action and courage of combat to draw parallels to the challenges we face in everyday life and provide steps for handling stress, pushing past our perceived limitations, and ultimately winning the battle within. 

Finding Your Way Forward

In his talks and The Way Forward, he weaves his in-depth, fearless combat memoirs with his post-military experiences to lead a candid conversation on what it takes to move forward from the past and tackle life’s biggest obstacles.

Dakota is unafraid to be vulnerable as he leads a thought-provoking discussion on creating your own way forward in life. His lessons on the importance of hope, the difference between a problem and an inconvenience, acting out of love vs. hate, and serving others truly help audiences put their toughest battles into perspective, while also providing actionable steps for finding purpose.

His previous book, Into the Fire, is a New York Times bestseller, and I think this one has the potential to be as well. Retired U.S. Navy Admiral Bill McRaven praised The Way Forward as, “A must-read book that will help every reader master their own challenges.”


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