Vivek Wadhwa: The Future is Here


Author and tech trends expert Vivek Wadhwa already lives in the future. From his mostly-driverless electric car, to his solar-powered house (his yearly electricity bill is 4% of what is used to be!), to his at-home doctor’s tests, Wadhwa estimates that everyone will be living this way 10 years from now.

PBS recently produced a video profiling how Wadhwa lives—and talking with experts about what the implications of robotics and automation are on humanity, especially in terms of jobs.

While we may live in the “most amazing period in human history,” as he says, we also may see millions of jobs in industries be wiped out. Take a look:

Wadhwa has been named one of the “40 Most Influential Minds in Technology” by TIME magazine, and has held academic positions at Duke, Stanford, Harvard, and Singularity. He’s currently a syndicated technology columnist for the Washington Post.

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