2 Female Speakers On Global Hotspots & Geopolitics

Female Speakers on Global Hotspots and Geopolitics

Are you looking to add a female speaker to an upcoming event agenda? We have recently added several high-profile female speakers to our roster who talk about key global trends and the geopolitical hot button issues on everyone’s mind:


Evelyn Farkas, Foreign Policy and Global Trends Expert and NBC National Security Contributor

Dr. Farkas advised three secretaries of Defense and was considered the Pentagon’s top Russia expert while working in government. She has a deep understanding of the way American foreign policy decisions are made and is an outspoken voice on how America should respond to foreign allies and especially adversaries (Russia, North Korea, Iran) to secure a peaceful and prosperous future.


Anja Manuel, Former Diplomat and Principal, RiceHadleyGates LLC

Anja Manuel is co-founder of RiceHadleyGates (along with former Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice and former Sec. of Defense Robert Gates). A consultant to Fortune 50 and Silicon Valley CEOs, she breaks down the rise of emerging markets and America’s shifting role in international leadership, and presents an overview of potential pitfalls and opportunities for businesses globally.


Would you be interested in learning more about one of these speakers for an upcoming event? We are happy to share fee information or cross-check availability with your event date. Please visit the speaker page or live chat with us now.

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