Disruption: The speech topic of 2018


We’ve been talking with a lot of event professionals about next year and wanted to share some thoughts on what “the speech topic of 2018” will be.

Our team recently met with well-known tech speaker Vivek Wadhwa, and he put it perfectly. Every single industry will go through disruption and market change over the next 5-10 years, meaning getting ahead of change has become a matter of survival. In 2018 everyone will be looking to book disruption and innovation speakers.

Today, many of our disruption speakers are talking about AI, machine learning, and automation. We just heard a speaker suggest that in 5 years, your smartphone will serve as your doctor. Another said that in 10-15 years, humans probably won’t even be allowed to drive on roads anymore because automated cars will be considered safer.

The pace of change is becoming so great that now is the time for your organization to consider a customized talk on future change and business disruption.

If you need to book a futurist/disruptor/innovator for an upcoming event, check out this list of disruption speakers. Or, for a more customized recommendation for a specific event, please fill out the form below and we'll pass along a couple of names that would be a great fit.

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