Charlotte Blank

Chief Marketing Officer at Jaguar Land Rover North America
Charlotte Blank
  • As Maritz’s first Chief Behavorial Officer and one of the few CBOs in business today, Blank dives deep into the human behavior that drives employee and customer engagement
  • A graduate of Harvard Business School, Blank shares prized research on everything from incentive programs to consumer psychology
  • With a passion for exploring the truths about human nature and a highly engaging presentation, she explains what “makes us tick”

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Charlotte Blank is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Jaguar Land Rover North America. In her previous role, she was the Chief Behavioral Officer of Martiz, one of the world’s first “chief behavioral officers.” As CBO, Charlotte led Maritz’s practice of behavioral science and innovation. She forged the connection between academic theory and applied business practice, by elevating the use of field research to advance our understanding of human behavior in the modern marketplace. Charlotte has led programs in consumer psychology and global branding during her ten years in the media and automotive industries, including various marketing roles for General Motors, and new product innovation for Turner Broadcasting. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology from Emory University, and a Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. Incentive Magazine named Charlotte a Visionary and one of 2016’s 25 Most Influential in the Incentive Industry. In 2018, St. Louis Business Journal named Charlotte one of the city’s Most Influential Business Women. Charlotte is obsessed with field research, and her TEDx talk, “Lead Like a Scientist” makes the case for embracing experimentation to improve workforce incentives and motivation. Ever-curious about what “makes us work,” Charlotte is a frequent contributor to

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Charlotte Blank: Lead Like a Scientist

Charlotte Blank: That Extra 10%

The Behavioral Science Of Salesforce Motivation & Performance. Rational economic theory might have us believe that cash is the king of all motivators. More money equals more effort, right? A deeper understanding of human behavior, however, reveals surprising insights into what truly motivates us to give it our all in the workplace. Grounded in social psychology and behavioral economics, this talk on behavior and motivation will help us shift our perception of incentives, from transactional to emotional, identifying actionable insights for ultimate salesforce motivation.

The Behavioral Science Of Employee Engagement & Performance. In today’s hyper-competitive and we-just-got-disrupted operating environment, fully engaging the hearts and minds of your colleagues has never been more important. Yet despite years of effort and no small amount of investment, very few organizations have really managed to move the needle when it comes to fully engaging their people. But there is reason for optimism. That’s because more leaders are paying attention to the wealth of insights that continue to flow from behavioral science research. Using these insights to better understand what people need from their work, and how to create more enlightened policies and initiatives, these progressive thinkers are building cultures that fire on all cylinders. The payoff? Motivated people who are as invested in building better organizations for their stakeholders as they are in building better lives for themselves.

Helpful Versus Creepy: Data Transparency In Customer Recommendations. In this era of Big Data, brands are increasingly able to target consumers with custom messaging and product recommendations. What does this mean for privacy; and when it comes to data sharing, what are the new rules of etiquette? As CX practitioners, we all want to be on the right side of the “helpful versus creepy” spectrum. Behavioral science has a lot to teach us about the role of transparency in customer experience, and the way we build relationships and manage customer data in the retail journey. Join Charlotte Blank, chief behavioral officer of Maritz, as she shares insights from the lab and the field, about what really drives customer behavior in the modern digital marketplace.

The Psychology Of Experiences: Learning From Behavioral Science To Design Transformational Moments. Experience Design is about taking events to their full potential and transcending the routine to create transformational moments. Behavioral science reveals insights into the psychology of events, and how our holistic experience of them is so much more than the moment itself. Join Charlotte Blank, chief behavioral officer of Maritz, to learn about the psychological framework of the three types of experience utility, and how to apply behavioral insights to design memorable moments for the anticipating self, the experiencing self, and most importantly—The remembering self.

The Prosocial Consumer: How Giving Sparks Action & Enhances Experience. We all know it feels good to give to others. But the “gift of giving” can also be surprisingly motivational! New field research in behavioral science reveals our human tendency to engage more fully in employee and consumer incentive programs, when they afford us the ability to reward others. Here, Charlotte Blank explains how social psychology and the scientific research on prosocial behavior can help leaders design giving-based programs that go beyond the “warm glow,” and move more towards fully unleashing the potential of their workforce and customers.

Delighting Without Asking: How To Design For Real Human Behavior. As marketers and customer experience (CX) professionals, we care a lot about what our customers think. No opinion matters more than theirs. So, we often ask them for it. “What did you think about this? Did you enjoy that? Which would you prefer? Please choose, please rank, please describe…” But what if I told you, that most of the time… people have no idea? We think we know what we want, but the truth is, the cognitive biases driving our decisions lie far beneath our conscious awareness—causing us to make decisions that surprise even ourselves! Applied behavioral science provides the tools to design for real human behavior, helping marketers cross the chasm between what their customers say, and what they actually do.

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