Christopher Gavigan

Co-founder of The Honest Company, Founder & CEO of PRIMA
Christopher Gavigan
  • With Jessica Alba co-founded The Honest Company, a $1.7 billion venture that only began selling product in 2012
  • Former non-profit CEO and best-selling author of Healthy Child, Healthy World
  • Discusses building a trusted brand and a purpose-driven corporate culture

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A purpose-driven entrepreneur and champion for environmental and human health, Christopher Gavigan is a best-selling author and the founder and former chief purpose officer of the iconic lifestyle brand, The Honest Company – providing a host of clean, sustainable personal care and home products that deliver upon the principles of innovation and social responsibility. With actress Jessica Alba, he created the paradigm-shifting company to empower and educate the next generation of consumers to challenge the marketplace to think about the people they serve. This idea and Gavigan’s passion for it were integral in growing the Honest Company from concept to an over $1 billion organization experiencing what Forbes called “an absurd level of growth.” Named a Men’s Fitness “Game Changer” and an EY “Entrepreneur of the Year,” he shares the keys to The Honest Company’s success: fostering authentic consumer relationships paired with a relentless entrepreneurial spirit.

Gavigan continues to dedicate his career “to create, to passionately uplift, and to ensure humanity has a pure connection to plants and each other” as the founder and CEO of the science-driven therapeutical wellness company, PRIMA, which bridges the gap between healthcare and wellness and brings hemp cannabinoids (CBD) to consumers with clinically validated, industry-defining standards. The first hemp CBD brand to be a Public Benefit Corp (PBC) and Made Safe Certified, PRIMA is positioned to be a leading force and pioneer for high-integrity science and safe products centered around the values of transparency, accountability, and social impact.

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Gavigan describes how to humanize a brand and give it personality in order to create an emotional tie with consumers, and shares how developing a mutual respect between the organization and its market (through transparency, emotion, and purpose) is the most important factor driving the bottom line. He offers up insights on innovative marketing tactics, brand creation and architecture, pipeline development and sustainable product innovations, intentional culture creation, values-based social enterprise, managing and prioritizing brand growth, and maintaining a deep consumer loyalty and relationship.

Gavigan’s commitment and consciousness have been instrumental in spreading awareness about children’s environmental health and providing actionable information to millions of homes worldwide. The best-selling author of Healthy Child, Healthy World, he was also the CEO/Executive of a national nonprofit of the same name for 6+ years. In that role, he advocated for state and national legislative reforms of domestic chemical regulatory system, championing new standards and safe options for families in the consumer marketplace. He also launched public awareness campaigns and educational programming that educated millions about daily choices and actions that affect our children’s health and our planet’s future. Gavigan grew Healthy Child Healthy World's annual budget by four times in six years and built strategic partnerships with Google, WebMD, Target, Seventh Generation, Microsoft, Babycenter, Universal Studios, Stonyfield Farms, Whole Foods, and many other market leaders.

Gavigan lives in Santa Monica with his wife and 4 children. He sits on the board of directors of Mount Sinai Hospital’s Children Environmental Health Center (CEHC), is a chief advisor to the Green Product Innovation Institute, and is on the advisory boards of Healthy Child Healthy World, SAIL Venture Partners, and UCLA’s Environmental Health Sciences Department. 

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Building A Trusted Brand: What does it mean to be a authentic lifestyle brand? Gavigan shares the keys to The Honest Company’s success: fostering genuine consumer relationships paired with a relentless focus on product excellence. He describes how to humanize a brand and give it personality in order to create an emotional tie with consumers, and he shares how developing a mutual respect between the organization and its market (through transparency, education, and purpose) is the most important factor driving the bottom line. He also offers up insights for dealing with risk and maintaining an organization’s personal touch while it experiences growth.

Together We Can Make It Better: The mantra of The Honest Company is “Together We can Make it Better.” That is at the core of what Christopher Gavigan and his 3 co-founders lean on when they are imagining the kind of world they want to live in and dreaming big. In a time when families are confronted by risky toxic products and corporations that don’t do the right thing, The Honest Company is educating and engaging with a new generation of parents and children and promising to keep their eyes focused on the core ingredients of their products to safeguard the end users – new babies.

Building a Culture and a Team: Co-founder of The Honest Company, Christopher Gavigan discusses how to hire and retain talent that remains engaged, motivated, and smart by embracing a diversity of personalities, balances humility and humanity, and a culture of high performance and truth - even when it might be uncomfortable. Running a company that prioritizes human health means that every detail matters and requires a willingness to tell consumers what is healthy and safe. He values having a connection with his team at every level and frames the company’s top value as their ability to serve the marketplace with integrity and honesty.

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