Daniel Murray

Co-Founder of Dawn, Foundrs, Host of Secret Leaders Podcast, Writer for Forbes
Daniel Murray
  • Having created not only one but two e-commerce apps, Murray is an expert in listening to and staying ahead of major consumer trends
  • With an active role in entrepreneurs from around the world building the 'foundrs' network, Murray keeps a fresh outlook on the solutions to every day business problems
  • Daniel Murray is a podcaster, entrepreneur, writer, CEO, and founder who strives to foster innovation and growth each day

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Dan is the Co Founder of Dawn, a Human Potential Company. 

Previously, he Co-Founded Grabble, the UK's top shopping app (winning awards like 'Best Mobile Startup, 2017 by Techcrunch) and 'Young Entrepreneur of the year' by Shell.

He Co-Founded and hosts 'Secret Leaders', one of the top business and entrepreneurship podcasts in Europe featuring some of the best known entrepreneurs, investors, and even royalty from the UK and USA.

He runs a leading international community of entrepreneurs called Foundrs comprising 500 founders between London, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

He also started TMRW, which is a community for fast growth e-commerce brands between London and New York. 

Secret Leaders features the founders of Shazam, Just Eat, Photobox, Jo Malone, WeTransfer, Mumsnet, Planet Organic, Babylon, King, Moonpig, Blippar, BBH, and even HRH Prince Andrew.

He hosts a Live event series with the industry superstars and has 5 Live events in 2019.

He hosted 3 in 2018; The Visionaries (with founders of Shazam & Blippar), Healthy Mind, Healthy Body - (with the founders of Calm and Babylon), and How to sell to your competitor (with the founders of Moonpig and Photobox).

His TED talk can be viewed here, where he discusses “Can Laughter Build Resilience” (and create better leaders)?

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Speaker Video

Daniel Murray: Highlights from Adgistics

Daniel Murray: Secret Leaders Live Shazam & Blippar

Daniel Murray: Secret Leaders Live with Calm & Babylon Health


  • Who it's for, and what it takes. An insider's view of the classic start-up journey.
  • From raising millions to building resilience and hiring your first team
  • Funding and raising money to get your idea off the ground
  • How I went from knowing zero investors to having over 50 strangers back me and my ideas


  • How to build a strong community of helpful supporters and why that can make or break you
  • Global trends in start-ups, tested frameworks, horror stories from the frontline
  • It's a lonely ride to the top: The rarely told truth of what it's like to start up


  • How to start a popular podcast with no budget and take it to the top of the app store charts


  • How mobile has completely disrupted the e-commerce industry
  • How mobile has changed consumer behaviour for good
  • How to design and build a best-in-class mobile product
  • Mobile commerce masterclass
  • The future of mobile commerce


  • The future of retail
  • The future of e-commerce


  • Why so serious? The art of building humour into your culture.
  • Laughter builds resilience. A study into how laughter reduces stress and builds resilience.
  • Humour: A leader's secret weapon

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