Julia Pollak

Chief Economist, ZipRecruiter
Speaker Julia Pollak smiling outside with buildings in the background
  • Economic mover and shaker who is at the leading edge of market trends and their impact on business and the new work economy
  • Advises organizations and individuals on how to adapt to market evolution and shares strategies for success in today’s economy, and beyond
  • Champions a holistic, data-driven approach to economics and relates findings from her research to what matters most for organizations

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Julia Pollak is the chief economist for ZipRecruiter who is moving the needle behind the scenes with forward-looking, integrated approaches to economics and the future of work. As the leading economic voice at one of the world’s top online employment enterprises, she leverages exclusive data to gauge the health of the labor market, identify hiring trends, and help organizations and individuals succeed in today’s ever-evolving economic landscape.

Pollak’s research is frequently cited in leading national outlets, like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and NPR. She is also a contributor to Barron’s, a member of the Forbes Human Resources Council, and an active member of the National Association of Business Economists. She was named one of the 100 Most Influential Talent Acquisition Thought Leaders by TATech in 2022.

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Pollak draws from her research to lead an absorbing analysis of what the data dictates in regard to the current and future economic outlook, and what it all means for businesses, their customers, and employees. Viewing the economy from a holistic lens, Pollak is expertly versed at relating key trends to what matters most for organizations, especially as it relates to the labor market and the workplace experience. She explains the economic factors shaping the world of work and points to the numbers to offer valuable recruiting and human resources strategies for the future of work.

Prior to working at ZipRecruiter, Pollak was an Assistant Policy Analyst at the RAND Corporation and an adjunct economics instructor at Pepperdine University. She holds a B.A. with honors in economics from Harvard and an M.Phil. in policy analysis from Pardee RAND Graduate School. She was a drilling reservist in the U.S. Navy from 2011 to 2022, where she was awarded the Military Excellence Award as the top recruit in a class of more than 800, among numerous other awards and recognitions.

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The Varying Effects of the Economy on Different Generations

Hiring slows in December as worker shortage still presents challenges

What the Economy Is Telling Us Today. As the chief economist for leading online employment marketplace ZipRecruiter, Julia Pollak has her finger on the pulse of the U.S. labor market. She directs research initiatives designed to draw out insights on what’s shaping the current and future markets and why. In this talk, she provides an accessible analysis of the key trends that are driving the economy and relates the data back to what matters most for organizations when it comes to operating their businesses and recruiting and retaining talent. She offers clearheaded strategies for how organizations can make sense of the current economic outlook and use what they know to position themselves for the future of business and work.

How to Succeed in the New Work Economy. In her daily work as ZipRecruiter’s chief economist, Julia Pollak is the first to spot the ebbs and flows of the market and identify the trends that will be integral to the success of organizations and employees for the future of work. In this talk, Pollak zeroes in on the new work economy — highlighting what the data is telling us about the state of employment for specific industries and roles, as well as going one step beyond to illustrate what all of this means from a human perspective. Speaking to the perspectives of both organizations and employees, she shares valuable strategies for how companies can adapt to labor market trends in order to attract their desired candidates and also touches on tools for success for job seekers, with the goal of powering a market that works for everyone.

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