3 Questions With Blockchain Pioneer Samantha Radocchia

3 Questions With Blockchain Pioneer Samantha Radocchia


In this video, Samantha Radocchia, blockchain pioneer and co-founder of Chronicled, Inc., takes our "questions from a bowl" challenge and answers things like, "How would you explain blockchain to a kindergartner?" and "What's one thing about blockchain people get wrong?"

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Blockchain Pioneer & Co-Founder of Chronicled, Inc.

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Sam Rad combines the mindsets of an anthropologist and technologist, bringing her “radical next” perspectives on what’s in store for the future. With the charisma of a rockstar, curiosity of an anthropologist, creativity of an entrepreneur, and calm confidence of an ex-professional skydiver, Sam effortlessly guides organizations and individuals to thrive in times of radical and accelerating change. Through her signature candid and clever delivery, Sam distills complex topics while leading the audience on a compelling, informative, and approachable journey of educational storytelling.