Guide to Going Virtual for Business

An Interactive Guide for Your Business, Live Event, and Communication Needs

Amid so much uncertainty, we are all adjusting to an entirely new normal. And with the shifts to virtual meetings, remote work environments, and social distancing, staying connected has become more important than ever.

While in-person events and face-to-face meetings have been disrupted, the need to communicate has remained vital. And fortunately in the age of technology and innovation, there are many alternate ways to build relationships and deliver your message to ensure that your customers, prospects, members, and employees know they're not facing these changes alone.

As the world adapts to this new normal, so are we. At Leading Authorities, our speakers bureau (LAI Speakers), live events (LAI Live) video production (LAI Video) continue to work together to facilitate world-class meetings and communications campaigns in new and creative ways.

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In this guide, we’ll be sharing our lessons-learned, best practices, and tips for staying connected during these times of uncertainty, covering three main areas:

  • Virtual Event Solutions
  • Virtual Communication Solutions
  • Content Trends: What We’re Seeing



If the guide didn't answer your burning questions around virtual events, keep reading for further insights. With blog posts and guides from our LAI experts, we have a plethora of information to help you take your meeting online. Engage and energize your workforce all while continuing to learn from top keynote speakers, check out the below resources: