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At Leading Authorities, we represent a diverse range of speakers who bring unique perspectives and insights into the economy. They provide a deep understanding of economic trends, the banking industry, global markets, and financial strategies that can help organisations make informed decisions and succeed. From Chief Economists to former CEOs and ambassadors, our speakers share their expertise and perspectives to provide audiences with actionable strategies and a deeper understanding of the economic forces shaping our world today.

A great financial speaker can analyse current market trends, interpret them in ways that audiences of varying financial literacy levels can easily understand, make informed predictions on future market matters, and leave organisations and individuals with actionable steps for making sound financial decisions. When it comes to finding the right keynote speaker for your economy-focused event, it is important to consider their expertise, experience, and ability to connect with your audience. That is why we’re highlighting some of the most prominent diverse voices we represent to provide your organisation with actionable strategies for financial success and profound insight into economic trends.

As organisations plan for the future, they’re looking for the top economic and banking speakers who are on the money when it comes to breaking down the current economic landscape and figuring out the financial future. If your organisation is interested in insights from the best economic motivation speakers, Leading Authorities can connect you with the top economic planning speakers on the circuit. These financial education speakers are passionate professionals with industry-leading experience in areas including policy, fintech, cryptocurrency, and investing.

Take a look at some of our diverse experienced finance, policy, banking, and economy speakers:

  • Elliott Harris- Global Economics Expert, Former United Nations Chief Economist and Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development
  • Trevor Williams - Former Chief Economist at Lloyds Bank & Rotating Chair of the Institute of Economic Affairs’ Shadow Monetary Policy Committee
  • Phillipe Legrain- Writer, Thinker, Political Economist
  • Marci Rossell - Expert Economic Forecaster, Former Chief Economist for CNBC, and Co-Host of Squawk Box
  • Pippa Malmgren- Founder, DRPM Group, Co-Founder H Robotics
  • Anja Manuel - Principal, Rice, Hadley, Gates & Manuel LLC
  • David Rennie - Beijing Bureau Chief, The Economist
  •  Doug Rediker - Leading Geo-Economic Authority and Geopolitical Expert; Founder & Chairman, International Capital Strategies, Former IMF Board Member

Elliot Harris

Former UN chief economist and one of the most influential figures in shaping and advising on global policy for more than two decades, Elliot Harris is a macroeconomic expert with 34 years of experience in leadership and advisory roles at the UN and International Monetary Fund. He will analyse today’s factors moving the economy and offer valuable insights on what they mean for organisations and their strategic business planning.

Trevor Williams

With over a decade of experience from his time as Chief Economist at Lloyds Bank, Trevor Williams is an expert at analysing external factors and how they affect economies and economic trends. Now an author, academic and consultant, he explores what is going on in the economy and what it means to organisations and individuals.

Philippe Legrain

Founder of Open Political Economy Network (OPEN), and with over 30 years of experience partaking in high-level debates on globalisation, immigration, and financial crisis in Europe; Philippe Legrain provides an inside view on Economics in Europe. Previously an economic advisor to advise the European Commission President Jose Manuel Philippe’s passion for trying to understand how economics, politics, and culture has allowed him to be an excellent economic speaker.

Marci Rossell

A world-renowned economist and financial expert who electrifies audiences nationwide, Speaking candidly on the nexus of economics, politics, culture, and the media. Marci Rossell has a wide range of experience and being able to discuss topics related to the stock market, investor behaviour, consumer confidence.

Pippa Malmgren

Pippa Malmgren is a former presidential Advisor and a prominent public speaker who Co-founded H Robotics. Pippa was rated the top speaker at the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards twice in 2017 and services as a judge on the Queen’s Enterprise business Awards in 2018 in the UK. From agriculture to property and infrastructure issues Pippa Malmgren is all- around multifaceted speaker. 

Anja Manuel

From former diplomat to co-founder and partner of a consulting firm. Anja Manuel has been a leading advisor for Fortune 500 CEOs and Silicon Valley C-Suite Executives. She has served as an official at the U.S. Department of State and currently is a frequent speaker of foreign policy and technology policy.

David Rennie

David Rennie is a renowned Journalist who has worked as a foreign correspondent for many years. He has worked in more than fifty countries. Rennie joined The Economist in 2007 and moved up the ranks to now be chief for the world most influential news magazine The Economist in the Beijing Bureau. His global work experience has provided him the knowledge to speak on topics from US China Relations to Global Media. 

Doug Rediker

Doug Rediker is a leading global Economist who shares insights from the intersection of geopolitics, macroeconomics, policy, and global finance. Former President Obama previously nominated Doug to represent the United States on their International Monetary Fund (IMF). Doug Rediker has worn multiple hats over the years. He can lead engaging conversations on what the world’s economy is headed and what factors are involved.

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