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At Leading Authorities International speakers bureau, we represent recognized and sought-after keynote speakers: from political figures to leadership, inspiration, motivational speakers, and many more speakers for live events, as well as virtual events.. Throughout our website, you will find recommended speakers and renowned leaders in the political and business worlds, visionaries, humanitarians, innovators, subject matter experts, and charismatic figures who can share their incredible stories. 

LAI 2021 - Welcome Back!

Colin Coggins and Garrett Brown: Virtual Reel

Chris Cassidy: Mission Possible - It's In You

Dex Hunter-Torricke: The Future of the Workplace

Poppy Jamie - The Art of Flexible Thinking

Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall: Equanimity Under Duress

Mark Bowden: Your Virtual Social Responsibility

Darcy Gaechter: Overcoming Obstacles to "Do the Undoable"

Mitch Joel: Navigating the Great Compression

LAI Live Virtual Production Sizzle Reel

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What makes Leading Authorities International speakers bureau the best? Our talent. Not only do we have the best keynote speakers, but we also have the best staff. With our team’s know-how and our talent’s experience, we will help you find a keynote speaker that leaves audiences talking for days.

A wide range of speaker topics and types makes it a seamless process to find and hire a keynote speaker for any event or meeting. Whether you’re looking to host an event about the hottest advances in technology or the most pressing issues in marketing, you can trust we have the perfect conference or corporate speaker for you.

How do we provide you with the best keynote speakers? By consulting with you. When building a customized list of recommended keynote speakers tailor specifically for your upcoming meeting, our team does more than look at your event budget. We also talk to you and learn all about your event. What’s the theme? Who will be in the audience? What do you want your audience to feel? All those factors help us review our speakers for corporate events and find the best fit for your program.

Our team also gives you the inside scoop on the latest speaker topics and the newest meeting trends taking the industry by storm. After you pick and hire a speaker, our team will also handle the speaker's travel details and logistics and packaging of extras into your event package.

Get a head start on booking a speaker for your upcoming event by browsing through our diverse list of speakers by topic, explore the plethora of different lists of speakers by type, and view our latest list of exclusive keynote speakers today.

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