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Leading Authorities’ events attract top decision makers and influencers at the most powerful associations, corporations, and nonprofits in the London metropolitan area. Our events are well-known in the London area and constantly draw new attendees along with loyal guests who participate in numerous events throughout the year. This is highly beneficial to our sponsors and partners who value networking with a large group of potential customers while maintaining a consistent presence in front of them throughout the year.

By the numbers:

  • Over 50% of attendees are Vice President level and above
  • Over 1,000 different individuals attended in 2015
  • Representing over 800 different organizations

LAI Virtual Event Sponsorships

During these uncertain times, Leading Authorities, Inc. is using our strength to create powerful content and convening business leaders and audiences with webinars and exclusive virtual speaker events. We are offering new virtual event opportunities to communicate with key business audiences across the country. 

Along with your help, a partnership with Leading Authorities can create the perfect business opportunity to generate meaningful conversations and business for your organization. With speakers from technology and politics to leadership and innovation, LAI can work alongside you to create a great event that helps you!


Great Virtual Event Partnerships

With each virtual event, Leading Authorities is learning better ways to incorporate our sponsors. From content designed around sponsors needs or wants to specific virtual booths for each partner, we aim to do the best we can. Here is a blog post highlighting unique ways to tie-in sponsors to virtual events. If this sparks an idea, reach out to us at +44-7864-721-400 and we'd love to talk about it. 

Below take a look at how we can create individual breakout rooms based on specific concepts for our sponsors. These were from our most recent Plan V: Virtually In-Person event.



Thank You To Our Sponsors

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