Arthur Snell

Former senior British Diplomat, Expert on Geopolitics, Conflict, Counter-Terrorism and Radicalisation
  • Held numerous diplomatic and foreign affairs positions for the UK Government from 1998-2014, since that time Snell has worked as a geopolitical risk and intelligence adviser, writer and broadcaster
  • Geopolitical expert with extensive knowledge of inter-continental affairs & diplomacy: Russia, China, Middle East and Europe
  • Frontline counter-terrorism and security experience and ability to apply this skill to current international events

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Arthur Snell is a geopolitical risk and intelligence adviser. He helps companies solve difficult questions, drawing on his global network based in complex and unpredictable jurisdictions. Arthur worked in the British government from 1998 - 2014 in a range of intelligence and diplomatic roles. He served overseas in Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan, before becoming the British High Commissioner (Ambassador) to Trinidad and Tobago in 2011. His work has encompassed counter-terrorism operations, countering violent extremism, state-building and stabilisation missions, as well as bilateral and multilateral diplomacy. Since 2014 he has worked as a consultant and adviser to governments, international organisations and corporations on geopolitical and security issues. Arthur is the creator and host of Doomsday Watch, a top-20 UK political podcast and is a regular commentator on UK and international media. His book on British foreign policy, How Britain Broke the World, will be published by Canbury Press in June 2022. 

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Speaker Video

Fascism is Back. We Need to Take it Seriously. | TEDxLondonBusinessSchool

Arthur Snell's Full Address to RCPOS

The Geopolitics of Climate Change: How the Climate Crisis Will Change Global Power Relations and Drive Conflict. Arthur Snell, a former British ambassador and bestselling author, explains how accelerating climate change impacts global energy, food, trade and migration dynamics. How will the world of 10 billion people feed itself in an era of declining agricultural productivity? Will climate-induced mass migration lead to new conflicts? Who will be the winners and losers from the energy transition? Will there be new wars over water? Arthur is able to unpick these complex and interlinked questions in an accessible and informative way.

The New World Order post Ukraine – where does the invasion leave the geopolitics of Europe. In this speech Arthur discusses the role of NATO, its possible expansion, the role of EU as well as those of individual EU nations.

The role of China in the new global power struggle. What could this mean for Taiwan, Sino-Russian relations and the global trade?

The New Global Disorder. What do the responses to the Ukraine invasion tell us about the roles of regional powers across the globe? Are we seeing the emergence of new geopolitical blocks and what will that mean for trade, investment and diplomacy?

The Middle East. A look at the future of the Gulf nations in a Net Zero world.

Radicalisation and Terrorism. An analysis of the human factor in radicalization from the man who has spoken to terrorists across the world.

Intelligence and Espionage. How is it evolving though technology?

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