Elena Corchero

Director of Emerging Tech @DowJones Live, Awarded Innovator, #YoSTEAM Educator
Elena Corchero
  • Self-proclaimed “designer-maker” who founded Lost Values Lab, an organization dedicated to producing wearable pieces of technology
  • Firm believer in collaboration who combines innovative technology and classic styles of clothing to deliver current products
  • Delivers incredibly engaging and provoking talks on the evolving landscape of innovation

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Elena Corchero is an awarded entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in R&D of Emerging Technologies, building prototypes and creating immersive installations to inspire and showcase the future in a wide variety of industries. Managing projects and Bringing together the brands, engineers, startups and academics necessary to deliver such cross-disciplinary concepts. She started as a Researcher at MIT Media Lab, and has worked on both hardware and service design from wearables, biometrics and haptics, to VR, remote surgery robotics, IoT, 5G and most recently the future of media, publishing and Real Estate as Director of Emerging Tech at News Corp.

Elena is the Founder & CEO of Room One - a Design & Technology Lab merging AI, IoT, VR under one room to explore what it means to be human. She has worked on  projects with Ericsson, Unilever, Tate Modern and more. As the founder and director of Lost Values Elena has developed unique problem solving tools and workshops that focus on strengthening the emotional value and bond we experience with the products we consume and the people we share moments with. Her vast and constantly updated knowledge on the social impact of new technologies, materials and biology research allow her clients to study how projects can be long lasting and meaningful alongside challenging future scenarios.

Elena is a former MIT Media Lab Europe Research Associate and holds a Masters in Material Futures from Central Saint Martins College in London. Her work brings science closer to people through every day products while promoting local manufacture, environmental awareness and ensuring gender equality when it comes to understanding technology. She is a world-class expert on smart materials and wearable technologies, and holds over a dozen of awards including 2n'd most disruptive business by Duke of York initiative "Pitch@Palace" as well as UK’s 2015 top 3 innovators of the year women in tech.She has also worked as London Olympics, Hugo Boss, Guinness and Cadbury. Elena teaches and gives talks internationally for renowned universities and institutions including TED.

In the last 3 years Elena has been closely working with high profile clients such as London Olympics, BBC, British Council, Hugo Boss, Smirnoff, Cadbury and Seat. Most recently she has joined Ominicom’s Agency Drum in London to set up an experimental lab in house called “THE HIVE – Making tomorrow”; a space for concept prototyping where strategist, designers, and clients come together to experience and understand technology first hand.

Elena has come a long way from growing up in Canary Islands, Spain, where she initially studied law due to family wish and then learnt to listen and trust her inner voice and pursue a career as a product designer in Germany where she was first exposed to technology giving her the confidence to apply to start research on wearable design at MIT where she gained knowledge of electronics, programming and circuitry design.

Developing multidisciplinary collaborations has since then been the key to her approach and inspirational vision, which she is keen to transfer through talks and workshops as well as volunteering to help entrepreneurial teenagers grow their confidence as entrepreneurs that can influence change.

Elena gives presentations in both English and Spanish and she can also maintain conversations and discussions in German. She has been a TEDx speaker in UK, and delivered presentations for various organisations worldwide such as Julius Baer in Zurich, Manufacturing Alliance in China, Science Museum in Boston, and more.

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Speaker Video

Take a Guided Tour Around Your Future Home - and The Future of Advertising

#EmTechFR 2016 | How is the Wearable Technology changing industries?

Elena Cochero: MIT Technology Review Conference for Emerging Technologies

Elena Corchero: Unveils Unruly's Smart Home

Elena Corchero: When Innovation and heritage merge

Giving Meaning to Consumption

EMPOWERING SMART CONSUMERISM FOR A STRONGER ECONOMY. Elena Corchero immerses the audience in an interactive experience showcasing innovative products and concepts that help us understand the key role that both designers and investors play in the quest for a more meaningful world. What are the core values driving consumers? Why do traditional handcrafts coexist today with humanless production lines led by Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)? This presentation shows Elena’s unique approach to finding the right questions, a thought process that has earned her multiple international awards and clients.

WEARABLE FUTURES AND THE INTERNET OF “THOUGHTS” Elena takes the audience through a surprising journey discovering that we all since birth have been wearing sophisticated technologies. Understanding and observing this evolution helps the unpredictable become obvious when examining the future of wearable technology, prosthetics and implants. From our fingertips to our brain she turns the “T” of Internet of Things (IoT) into the Internet of “Thoughts”

WOMEN IN TECH MEANS BUSINESS. Elena’s unique approach to inspire girls and women pursue a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM) starts with a very simple concept that she discovered when learning coding at the age of 12: That understanding tech meant career freedom. Later on she experienced that career freedom meant confidence and today, after growing her own company, she can add that confidence means business. This narrative, explained through her own life challenges and many more rewarding moments, easily connects with people building the confidence of the audience to follow their dreams and grow a tech savvy society.

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