Laura Unger

Former Acting Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission; Commentator for PBS' Nightly Business Report
Laura Unger
  • 14-year career in government, including becoming the 78th member of the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Serves as an independent director of three public companies
  • Uses her past experience to speaks about global trends, technology, and the future of financial regulation

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Laura Unger served as the seventy-eighth member of the Securities and Exchange Commission from 1997 to 2002, including as Acting Chairman of the agency in 2001. During her tenure, she focused on efforts to optimize the benefits of technology for investors, culminating in a groundbreaking report, "Online Brokerage: Keeping Apace of Cyberspace."

Laura Unger is one of the most sought-after experts on financial markets and regulation. She speaks to association and corporate groups about the financial crisis, sharing her perspectives on what happened, the tenor in Washington, DC, likely changes in the regulatory framework, the global financial systems, and what senior management and boards must do to prepare for today's new environment.

Managing Risk and Increasing Rewards. Following her service at the SEC, Unger has become a leading expert on corporate governance and risk management. As chairman of the Compliance and Risk Committee of CA (formerly Computer Associates), she works with the board of directors and executive management to set acceptable risk standards and to make certain mechanisms are in place to identify and manage areas of vulnerability. As a leading expert on corporate governance, Unger chairs the corporate governance committees of IQ Funds and AMBAC Financial.

A Leading Voice on the Market. A frequent commentator for CNBC, Unger takes on the role of regulatory expert. She provides timely televised commentary about business, financial, and market related issues, including regulatory and enforcement matters. She has also appeared on Today, Fox News Channel, The News with Brian Williams, Wall Street Week, Lou Dobbs, and Moneyline. She is a regular commentator for PBS' Nightly Business Report.

Unger currently has a portfolio of public and private company directorships, consulting, and speaking engagements. She serves as an independent director on three public company boards: Ambac Financial Group, Inc., CA, and MBNA. As part of the global stock research settlement, Unger acts as the independent consultant to JP Morgan Chase to procure independent research on the firm's behalf.

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