Martin Mongiello

CEO at The US Presidential Service Center Foundation Trusts and US Presidential Culinary Museum
Speaker Martin Mongiello
  • Former White House Chef and Executive Chef of the Camp David Resort and Conference Center working with the past six Presidents for close to 30 years, from H.W. Bush to Biden
  • Host of Inside the Presidents' Cabinet TV series, providing entertaining anecdotes, recipes, and a secret, behind-the-scenes look of the First Family
  • Presidential food historian graduating over 5200 students from his culinary academy - recreates First Family favorite dishes for events and has published nine books
  • As seen on the TODAY Show, in FOODTV Network and The New Yorker Magazine with 160+ other publications across six continents, PBS, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and CNN
  • Awards a gold medal for humanitarian work to one recipient at your event

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Chef Marti Mongiello is a story weaver intoxicating his audiences by stage and television across the world. A mesmerizing speaker, he's published nine books, 200+ papers and given over 100 speeches and keynotes in Europe, Asia, and America's. Featured on CBS, PBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and FOX to almost three billion viewers is only eclipsed by articles in 160+ newspapers and magazines like the Washington Post, LA Times, Australian, The New Yorker, FOOD TV Network Magazine, The Times of London, and many more. His latest television series is Inside the Presidents' Cabinet.

Marti is a former White House Chef, Private Investigator, Security Expert, Executive Chef, and a GM of the Camp David Resort and Conference Center working with the past five Presidents for 25 years, from H.W. Bush through Trump. He is a disabled and injured military veteran with a 30-year US Navy retired certificate serving in wars across three continents. Marti served as a butler, housekeeper, military aide, and bartender carrying the proverbial, "chalice for his/her majesty to drink from," having been trained by the CIA, USMC, Navy, and Army in specialized courses for nuclear, chemical, and biological attack manning the underground bunker of Orange One as well as bribery and poisoning. When he first received his Top Secret, Yankee White, SCI clearance, he was in the nuclear submarine fleet and had been identified as a polyhistor and polymath.

He has an MBA degree and a second Master's from Lenoir-Rhyne University as a Master Certified Food Executive (MCFE). He attained his Bachelor's from the Art Institute, Summa Cum Laude. His business plans in the WSJ and Inc. Magazine #1 ranked LivePlan software program has over 5,000 students using them per semester at many universities like MIT, Wharton, Harvard, UNC, and Stanford.

He prepares famed dishes of any of the first families on stage, which is initially served by the hotel's chefs at dinner when he is a keynote speaker. His captivating stories and TV episodes get people laughing with a secret look on the inside, and he utilizes large projector screens to share the US Presidential Culinary Museum with guests. He is also an expert speaker in food, wine, as a restaurateur and hotelier, attaining world publicity, successful small business ownership, business plan writing and financing, global marketing techniques, highlighting First Ladies that kicked glass, First Family drug and alcohol abuse, highly advanced teaching techniques for satisfaction, retention, and Leadership Lessons of the Nuclear Submarine Force.

Chef Marti creates genuinely unique events, and the Q&A session at the end is always lively! For a very, very unusual event, "Hail to the Chef" with "All the Presidents' Menus." Marti packs halls every time.

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KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Let's eat history on stage or by video for Inside the Presidents' Cabinet!

Enjoy Chef Marti Mongiello on TV and as a Keynote Speaker for your next event or online meeting!

"The Royals," episode on Inside the Presidents' Cabinet television series.