Mick Ebeling

CEO of Not Impossible Labs, One of “Fortune’s” World’s 50 Greatest Leaders, 3x Recipient of “TIME” Best Inventions of the Year, Muhammad Ali Humanitarian of the Year
Mick Ebeling
  • Recognized as one of Ad Age’s “Top 50 Most Creative People” and one of Fortune’s “Top 50 World’s Greatest Leaders”
  • Leads disparate teams in creating technology that pushes the bar on innovation and enhances the human experience
  • Dives deep into the limits we place on ourselves and how to overcome “impossible” to change the world
  • Brings audiences to tears with emotional stories of using tech to assist ALS patients, Sudanese amputees, deaf musicians, blind skateboarders, and more

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Named by Fortune Magazine as a Top 50 World’s Greatest Leaders, a recipient of the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian of the Year Award and listed as one of the world’s most influential creative people by The Creativity 50’s, Mick Ebeling has sparked a movement of pragmatic, inspirational innovation. As a career producer and filmmaker and founder and CEO of Not Impossible Labs, a multiple award-winning social innovation lab, Mick has dedicated his life to tapping into the power of innovation, technology, and story to change the world.

Mick’s mantra of “commit, then figure it out” allows for a unique problem-solving approach, bringing together a community of passionate and talented engineers, doers, makers, idea generators and storytellers to create solutions that better the world. This unconventional approach has brought to life highly acclaimed and award-winning initiatives such as the EyeWriter, Project Daniel, Don’s Voice, Project Bishop, and Music: Not Impossible.

Since its inception, Not Impossible has also spun off two independent companies: Bento (gobento.com), a simple text-based service that addresses food insecurity, and Vyb Life, a wearable medical device company focused on mitigating the symptoms of Parkinson's disease and currently in clinical trials in both the US and EU. To date, Not Impossible is the only company to win Time Magazine’s Top Invention of the Year three times, as well as being named winner of Fast Company’s World Changing Idea twice.

Partnering with a wide array of companies and organizations, Mick not only pushes the bar on innovation, he shares the emotionally resonating story of doing so. These narratives of overcoming seemingly impossible odds through a “Help One. Help Many” approach has inspired people across the world to do the same.

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The Fallacy of “Impossible”

Since the launch of the Eyewriter and Not Impossible Foundation, Mick has passionately studied the concept of “Impossible.” All the modern conveniences we see around us were once considered “impossible” by people who didn’t know any better. Synthetic fabrics, cell phones and digital watches (not to mention cars and computers) were all figments of the imagination until inspiration met execution and the impossible became a reality. In this talk, Mick dives deeper into “Impossible,” the underlying psychological effects it has on an organization, and how to overcome “Impossible” so true innovation can take place.

Audiences Will Learn:

  • The psychological effects of the concept of "impossible" on organizations.
  • Methodologies and practices that companies can employ to instill a culture where every employee feels aligned with a broader mission, contributing to society as well as to the company's goals.

Creating a Culture of Impact and Purpose

Imagine what companies could accomplish and be if their entire workforce was activated by a sense of purpose. This isn’t just about employee satisfaction, recruiting or retention; this is about tapping into the Movement of Purpose so that both companies AND society win. In this talk, Mick will delve into the creation of a Culture of Purpose and Impact and the direct effects this has on profitability, productivity, innovation and engagement.

Audiences Will Learn:

  • The importance of fostering a sense of purpose among employees and how it transcends traditional markers of job satisfaction.
  • How to identify and work with individuals who possess collaboration-worthy traits.

Radical Collaboration

Take a Hollywood producer, a NY professor, a fine artist and a hacker with a criminal record…Put them together and what do you get? A device that helped a paralyzed man create drawings using only the movement of his eyes. Collaboration comes in many form, some of them unexpected. In this talk, Mick discusses the tools necessary to become a stellar collaborator, and to recognize the traits of collaboration-worthy individuals for your next big idea.

Audiences Will Learn:

  • The value of diverse perspectives and skills in driving creativity and innovation.
  • How to overcome common obstacles in collaborative projects, such as differences in opinion, communication barriers, and coordination challenges.

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