Philippe Legrain

Writer, Thinker, Political Economist
Philippe Legrain
  • Critically acclaimed author of books on globalisation, immigration, the financial crisis and Europe
  • High-level policy experience at European Commission and WTO
  • Strategic thinker with a track record of political and economic insight

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Philippe Legrain is a critically acclaimed thinker and communicator with high-level policy experience. He is a senior visiting fellow at the London School of Economics’ European Institute, the founder of Open Political Economy Network (OPEN), an international think-tank, and a columnist for Project Syndicate, Foreign Policy and other international media outlets.

Previously, he was economic adviser and the head of the team providing strategic policy advice to European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, special adviser to World Trade Organisation Director-General Mike Moore and trade and economist correspondent for The Economist.

His four best-selling books include Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them, which was shortlisted for the 2007 Financial Times Business Book of the Year award, and European Spring: Why Our Economies and Politics are in a Mess – and How to Put Them Right, which was among the Financial Times’ Best Books of 2014.

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VIRTUAL OFFERING: Global Macro and Political Outlook. Philippe was one of the first to correctly forecast a global coronavirus recession and now he is sceptical about prospects for a V-shaped recovery. Successfully navigating this period of unprecedented uncertainty, volatile markets, perilously high debts, fragile supply chains, accelerated technological disruption, massive state intervention, resurgent nationalism, eurozone tensions, erratic US leadership and geopolitical rivalry requires clear thinking, flexible tools and resilient strategies. Go beyond the headlines and sales patter for key insights about the economic outlook - and the policies and politics that shape it - that are crucial to businesses and markets.  

The Global (or European) Macro and Political Outlook. Trade wars, technological change, the rise of China and the travails of Brexit and the eurozone - we lived through a period of immense economic and political upheaval that was full of risks and opportunities. Go beyond the headlines and sales patter for key insights about the economic outlook - and the policies and politics that shape it - that are crucial to businesses and markets.

The Populist Peril. Brexit, Italy. Why are voters rejecting the established order? How big a threat do populist policies and politics pose to businesses, markets, the EU and even liberal democracy? Can populism be vanquished?

Stakeholder Capitalism. The US Business Roundtable says businesses should advance the interests of customers, employees, society and the planet, not just pursue shareholder value, and the World Economic Forum agrees. What is the business case for stakeholder capitalism? What are the practical obstacles? And how might they be overcome?

The Diversity Dividend. Diversity is about much more than equal opportunities; it can be a key asset for your business or organisation, not to mention society as a whole. Find out how having a diverse team can boost your bottom line - and what you need to do to manage the challenges of diversity and make the most of its opportunities.

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