Robert Genetski

Economist, Forecaster Investment Advisor
Robert Genetski
  • Professor of economics at NYU and University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business
  • Featured on CNN, and Fox News, as well as in Fortune, and the Wall Street Journal
  • Creates highly accurate forecasting models to predict interest rates and other metrics
  • Uses anecdotes and humor to make complex economic principles accessible to every audience

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Dr. Robert Genetski has a rare combination of business and academic experience.  He is a world-renowned economist, consultant, teacher, author and popular speaker. For the past 25 years, as the head of his own consulting firm, he has provided his clients with valuable insights to the financial implications of various policy developments. 

Genetski has taught economics at various institutions including New York University, and the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business.

As one of the nation’s leading advocates of free market classical principles, he has written five books on the subject.  His latest book, Rich Nation, Poor Nation, provides extensive historical evidence showing how poor nations have become rich, and how rich nations can lose their wealth.  It has received rave reviews with the President of the Heartland Institute calling it “…an instant classic and belongs in every library and on the desk of everyone with and interest in human prosperity.”

Two of Genetski’s previous books, Winning with Money, and Classical Principles & the Wealth of Nations, have been translated into Japanese and Chinese. Genetski has been recognized as one of the top five speakers in the field of economics and finance.  He entertains tens of thousands of people each year, using humor and anecdotes to make complex economic issues understandable to all.

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Robert Genetski on Economic Freedom

Classical Economic Principles and The Wealth of Nations

U.S Economic and Financial Outlook, Global Outlook, Taking the VooDoo Out of Economics, Creating a Nation of Millionaires, Analyzing and Forecasting Financial Markets, Seminars on Forecasting Techniques.

How the Global Economy Will Impact Your Business. Dr. Genetski is a widely-recognized expert on developments throughout the world.  His latest book, Rich Nation Poor Nation, has received rave reviews as “an instant classic that should be on the desk of everyone with an interest in human prosperity.”  His global presentation provides fascinating insights to developments in countries throughout the world and how they will impact your business.


Rich Nation Poor Nation: Why Some Nations Prosper While Others Fail . Dr. Genetski explains how the most important issue in economics is why some nations are wealthy while others are poor.  He explains how in spite of a massive amount of new data there has been no popular systematic analysis of the implications of this data.  His book provides such an analysis.  Genetski claims that those armed with the evidence he presents will be able to determine the future economic prospects for almost every nation.


How Economic & Political Developments in the United States Will Affect Your Business. Drawing from his extensive research into the economic and political history, Dr. Genetski analyzes current trends from a historical perspective.  His analysis shows how past cycles provide unique insights into where economic and political forces are heading and how these changes will impact your business.


The Federal Reserve’s Role in the Financial Crisis & Its Implication for Stock Prices and Interest Rates. Dr. Genetski is one of the nation’s leading experts on monetary policy.  His unique perspective on the Fed’s role in the financial crisis has important implications for the future direction of stock prices and interest rates.   His shocking analysis and insights on Fed’ policy will appeal to anyone with an interest in financial markets.

We Can Eliminate Poverty.  In this passionate and captivating presentation, Dr. Genetski draws on the evidence in his book, Rich Nation Poor Nation.  He provides powerful evidence on the causes of poverty and how some of the poorest nations have successfully overcome their poverty.  His uplifting conclusion is we have the power to eliminate abject poverty from the face of the earth.

Unique Presentations.  Dr. Genetski welcomes the opportunity to provide presentations suited for particular groups, industries or companies.  In each case he works closely with the client to make sure his presentations focus on the most relevant topics for each group.  He is qualified to speak on technology, manufacturing, housing, financial markets, retail, trade and most other areas impacted by economics.   

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